The Maintenance App for iOS & Mac

Save money by reducing the need for costly emergency repairs.
Have peace of mind, knowing crucial safety equipment is working in an emergency.


Directive includes dozens of templates to help you set up maintenance tasks you want to complete. Then, it sends you notifications when it’s time to get them done.


Store details (like filter sizes or oil type) so when the time comes, you have everything you need. Plus, quick action buttons help you buy parts, find service contractors, or get instructions.


Mark a task as complete with a couple taps, and Directive will keep a record of it, along with any notes you saved. Then, it will automatically set up a reminder for the next time it’s due.


Directive is FREE for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. You can track to 10 different Directives (maintenance tasks). Tracking more than 10 requires upgrading to Directive Pro. Directive Pro also adds more features like custom repeat intervals and cloud sync.

Directive Pro is an auto-renewing subscription with a very low annual cost. The small cost helps us support the app and regularly update it with new features. Just one purchase allows you to use the app on all your devices, across all supported platforms.


iPhone: iOS 13 / iPad: iPad OS 13 / Mac: macOS Catalina 10.15.4

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